Elmhurst is For Everyone. IS Elmhurst For Everyone?

May 13th–Jun 20th 2021

This installation encourages self-reflection on the cultural, racial, gender, and sexuality-based biases existent in our city. While many of us encourage inclusive behavior through our conversations, social media presence, and positive yard sign messages, many Elmhurst residents continue to endure micro-aggressions from these same members of the community.

The colors of the signs reference a deconstructed view of the EPC logo -- which was itself inspired by an updated version of the Pride flag first flown in Philadelphia in 2017, which included black and brown stripes to signify the inclusion of people of color -- and are interwoven to address the intersectionality experienced by many of our neighbors, as well as the powerful impact of our words. Eight signs highlight questions that stem from ignorance and perpetuate bias. While questions similar to these are often well-intentioned, the effects can be hurtful, exclusionary, and ignorant. Eight different signs highlight positive actions to encourage change within ourselves and to bring awareness to our own privilege and oversight, as we strive toward a truly inclusive Elmhurst. Through informed conversation, we hope to inspire our community to listen, learn, and empathize through the experiences of others.

Created by Elmhurst Pride Collective members and community volunteers to coincide with the beginning of Pride month.

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